Nimz eSports

We are an esports team in games like TrackMania, Overwatch, Serious Sam, and more. We aim to play competitively in events like ESL, as well as to just have fun. We also host all kind of servers in-game, so don't hesitate to drop by. For direct contact, you can also send us an email. For more information, please check our contact page.


Nimz is inactive.

Posted by Miss on November 25th 2017

Nimz is now officially inactive. For the time being, the team is closed. Please contact Miss or Esss if you have any inquiries.

Veloxracing is now Nimz!

Posted by Miss on September 4th 2016

Our TrackMania Canyon team Veloxracing is expanding to other games! As a result, a new team is created: Nimz. We will remain to use the name Velox in TrackMania, but you will see us as Nimz in other games.

We currently have our focus on the following games: TrackMania, Overwatch, GTA Online, and Serious Sam HD. If you would like to apply for any of our teams, check out our contact page!